Longjing District ,close to

Tunghai &Providence University

【Vacancy & Reservation】

  1. The vacancy status as shown below are current status. To check the future vacancy status, please click HERE to check the application.

  2. How to reserve? Please also click HERE to check the application.

  3. The price shown below is for four or less month leasing(that's why the price is different from our Chinese versions website ), and it includes access to the public kitchen.

Formosa Life Services House Rental

  1. We are officially recommended by Tunghai University & Providence University. Please check HERE and HERE.

  2. We are well-experienced with international house rentals.

  3. We provide English services. When you are in a different country with a language barrier, English services help a lot.

  4. We provide the documents, receipts, and proofs you need for house rental or visa.

【House Locations 

  1. To Tunghai University, it takes you only 4 mins on foot from our office, shown HERE.

  2. To Providence University, it takes you 11 mins from the closest bus stop, shown HERE

  3. To Feng-Chia University, it takes you 37 mins from the closest bus stop, shown HERE

  4. Here is a map shows all of our buildings and the schools HERE.


  1. By clicking a photo, you will enter a page to show a building, you may look and see around just like what you do with Google Maps.

  2. When checking the inside view, you will find a button on the bottom left to change the rooms and area.

  3. All the options require a 2-month deposit.

  4. The utility fee is NTD$800 per month.

  5. Formosa runs house rental business, not the hotel business. Therefore, we don't provide some services or pieces of equipment which hotels provide. 

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No.52, Alley. 62, Lane 3, Sec. 5, Taiwan Blvd.,

Longjing Dist., Taichung City 43448, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


台灣大道5段3巷62弄52號, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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