What is Formosa House Rental?

Formosa House Rental is a professional house rental company, and far more than that:

  1. We are officially recommended by Tunghai University & Providence University. Please check HERE and HERE​.
  2. We are well-experienced with international house rentals since 2009.
  3. We provide our services in Japan and Taiwan.
  4. We corporate with many different related businesses, such as hotels, construction industry, real estate agency, study aborad agency, immigration agency, human resource agency. We satisfy many house rental related demands.

When and How do tenants pay the initial fees?

  1. Tenants need to pay the initial fees before check-in, such as the deposit, rent, admission fee, etc. We suggest tenants pay the initial fees as early as possible to reserve the house.
  2. The reservation is confirmed only if the initial fees are paid.
  3. INTERNATIONALLY, We only accept initial fees by credit card or PayPal in the local currency.
  4. LOCALLY, we may provide various local solutions based on different countries. Please consult with us.

How does the tenants to pay the monthly rent?

  1. Principally, tenants pay to landlords. Different landlords have their different ways to collect monthly rents and the like and we will help you with this.
  2. Sometimes, it is difficult for tenants to pay to the landlord. We can solve this by issuing tenants' monthly bills to pay by credit card or via PayPal; and we will transfer your payment to the landlord. However, we will charge tenants the cash flow services fee.

**IMPORTANT: When and How to get the deposit back?

  1. To avoid future disputes, please carefully read this part.
  2. **Please be notice that, based on different countries, different area, different type of houes and different landlords, different local rules may apply on the deposit. It is quite possible that tenants can't get the full amount of deposit back while landlords don't know why the tenants don't understand the rule. This is a culture difference and Formosa will help tenants on this issue before you sign the lease contract.
  3. Legally, landlords keep and return the deposit, and different landlords have their different timing and ways to return the deposit. Formosa House Rental doesn't keep the deposit.
  • Some landlords return WHEN checking-out; while some landlords return the deposit AFTER checking out, sometimes it takes days.
  • Some of the landlords return the deposit in cash, some of the landlords wire transfer to local bank accounts and some of them return in checks.
  • All of the landlords return the deposit in local currency.
3. Formosa House Rental helps tenants getting the deposit with the following points:
  • We ONLY use PayPal to transfer the deposit ONLY in local currency. So, a PayPal account is required.
  • It is possible to get the deposit back through PayPal with 0 cost in some countries, but before deciding, please DO CHECK https://www.paypal.com/ to see how PayPal charges people. There are 4 very important points to check: A. selling fee; B. withdrawal fee; C. conversion fee; D. how to cash out money from PayPal in your country.
  • Please DO check the 4 points mentioned above by yourself because different countries apply different financial controls; and also, different currencies apply different charge rates. Therefore, PayPal shows pages in different languages to different people from different countries.
  • If there is a cost charged by PayPal and you disagree with the loss of the deposit return via PayPal, please ONLY CHOOSE a landlord who returns deposit IN CASH WHEN checking out from the beginning to avoid future disputes.
  • Not all but most big landlords or representatives need days to do bookkeeping and accounting after tenants check out. Even they will return the deposit in cash, which means that you can't get the deposit in cash on the check-out date. If planning to go back to your country right after checking out, please consider this situation.
  • We will return the deposit at least the next month on the 15th.

The problems of international wire transfers to bank accounts

This is written for people to understand why Formosa House Rental doesn't accept international wire transfers. If you have no problem with our policy, you can skip this.

  1. International wire transfer procedures are hard to fully understand. Keep reading this and when you feel any difficulty to understand, don't worry, it is quite normal. On the other hand, it is also hard for us to have tenants understand what happens.
  2. Banks are very picky for records and information. So, people need to pay attention to each space, each punctuation, each middle name to match the official records. Once you miss or miswrite any single character. It is not a small problem and banks need to run a standard procedure to verify. And the verification may involve the sender and receiver and it takes weeks.
  3. International wire transfer is very traditional, involving lots of manual and paper works. Any human in the process has the chance of making mistakes. Once there is any mistake, we go time-consuming and troublesome verification procedure.
  4. Surprisingly, international wire transfer is not as stable as people thought. International wire transfer is traditional also means the computer system is old. Sometimes, we just don't get where the problem comes from. For example, we could not receive a transfer from a tenant, and the tenant had a receipt to prove the transfer. The problem remained for weeks and finally, our bank found the transfer because of a system problem.
  5. Each year, Formosa House Rental helps people from 30 more countries to rent houses in Japan and in Taiwan. Some situations may not be true in your country but it is true in other counties. You probably can imagine how often we get problems with so many different countries.
  6. Furthermore, each international wire transfer involves 3 roles: your bank, our bank and the intermediary bank. Each bank has its procedure so each of them can make mistakes.
  7. Problems can happen on transfers to us or transfers to tenants for the deposit.
  8. Here comes a real trouble maker: the intermediary bank. For international wire transfer, your bank, our bank and the intermediary bank charges their own fee. However, each transfer may have a different intermediary bank, sometimes more than one intermediary bank, making people really hard to estimate how much intermediary bank costs. The problem is that the intermediary bank is hidden from the sender and the receiver, none of us can get receipts from the intermediary bank to prove the cost.
  9. Furthermore, because of the issues above, it is not a good idea to internationally wire transfer to landlords by yourself. Unlike schools or companies, house renting is a quite local business. You can't expect a landlord or even a big real estate agency has an international department to handle the related affairs. Therefore, to internationally and directly pay to a landlord is very easy to get hard-to-solve problems. And, we don't have the access of landlord's bank account, so we can't help to solve.

Why we only accept credit card or PayPal payment internationally?

  1. The most important reason is that credit card and PayPal payments never cause any problem for us in the past years.
  2. Internationally, the cost of a credit card or PayPal payment is possibly cheaper than an international wire transfer. PayPal charges people variously, depending on the amount of money, different currencies and countries. And, an international wire transfer involves your bank, our bank, and the intermediary bank. Each of them charges their own fees and sometimes 2 intermediary banks may involve.
  3. PayPal provides consumer protections, instant transactions, comprehensive digital records, sales cancellations, complaint center and lots of modern features.

What is the Admission Fee?

Formosa House Rental provides agency services to find a house on tenant's demand. In other words, we are the tenant's agent, not landlord's agent. Legally, in some countries, it is an agent, but not a real estate agent. Therefore, to separate our service. We use "Admission Fee" to call for our service.

What is the Deposit?

The deposit is a bond to pay the the landlord to secure the performance of a contract. After getting the deposit from you, Formosa will transfer to the landlord. The landlord shall return the deposit when or after a tenant checks out. In different countries or contracts, the parties may call it “security money,” ”contract security deposit,” ”performance bond,” “performance security,” ”earnest money,” ”cash deposit,” "bail" or the like.
The deposit is used for potential future non-performances or damages to the leasing contract. So, it is a potential compensation fund, not a part of the rent.

What equipment does Formosa provide?

Formosa House Rental is a professional house rental company and a tenant's agent to find a house to stay in. We help to find any type of house with any type of equipment for any period of time on tenants' demand with a reasonable budget. Even you need a hotel to stay for months, we can find it for you. Therefore, please justlet us know what you expect in the applicaiton we put on our website. We will read it and make a plan before contacting you.

Is Formosa real and is it safe to pay to Formosa?

In some countries, house renting fraud is common. There are some tips to help you to check whether we are real and it is not a fraud.

  1. We are officially recommended by Tunghai University & Providence University. Please check HERE and HERE​. You will see Formosa’s logo or title on their website, click the logo or title to go to our website.
  2. We use PayPal to collect payments and PayPal has global consumer protection. Once you feel this is a fraud, you can file a complaint to PayPal to seek fair protection.

What is the Initial Fee?

The initial fee is the total cost to check in to the rented house, including the deposit and the 1st-month rent AT LEAST. Why there is an "AT LEAST" in the end? It is possible that you will pay more than the deposit and the 1st-month rent, based on the different countries, areas, communities, house types, landlords, management companies, long term or short term. For example, admission fee, broker fee, agent fee, cleaning fee, prepaid utilities, trash dumpster, community common fund, management fee, insurance fee, key money, guarantee company fee, life support fee, etc. Some items of the initial fee in some areas are incurred from laws or local regulations, but tenants don't understand those costs and cause disputes. Formosa House Rental will help you to understand those costs before sign the lease contract.




  1. 自從2009年即開始從事國際房屋租賃經驗。經營團隊成員均具備外語能力,對於與外國房客相處,有非常充足的經驗,對於外籍人士租屋可以提供相當大的幫助。
  2. 合法化經營,且具備會計、財務相關知識,公司戶及法人戶承租也沒有任何問題。
  3. 我們與許多學校、外商有官方合作,提供學生、主管及員工居住服務。
  4. 在台灣及日本提供租屋相關服務。
  5. 在不同國家之間,與旅館業、營建業、房屋仲介業、留學業者、遊學業者、移民業者、人力仲介業均有合作。可以滿足及提供租屋相關各種不同的配套服務。


  1. 房客必須在入住前給付初期費用,包含押金、租金、入館費等等。我們建議房客儘量早點給付初期費用並保留房屋。
  2. 只有給付初期費用後,才算訂房完成。
  3. 國際性,我們只接受以當地貨幣計價,信用卡或PayPal付款
  4. 當地性,不同的國家可能會有不同的當地付款方案,請與我們諮詢。


  1. 原則上,房客付租金給房東。而不同房東各有不同的收款方式收取租金或其他的續期費用。居次元會協助房客與房東了解付款方式,配合後續的付款。
  2. 有時候,房客很難配合房東的付款方式。我們可以協助以信用卡或PayPal收款,再由我們給付給房東。然而,我們會向房客收取金流服務費。


  1. 為了避免未來的爭議,請注意閱讀此部份。
  2. **請注意在不同國家、不同地區、不同房型,有不同的法規和習慣。無法全額拿回押金的情況是相當有可能存在的;同時,房東也很疑惑為什麼房客會不知道這些當地規定。這是一種文化差異,居次元會幫助房客在簽約前事先了解各項規定,避免糾紛。
  3. 法律上,房東保留及退回租金。不一樣的房東有不同的時間點及方式退回押金。居次元並沒有保留押金。
  • 部份房東在退房的「當下」退押金;而部份房東是退房「後」退押金,有時候流程需要幾天。
  • 部份房東退現金,部份房東匯款到當地銀行帳戶,而部份房東退支票。
  • 所有房東都以當地貨幣退還押金。
3. 居次元可以幫忙房客取回押金,有下列重點:
  • 居次元「只」使用PayPal,且「只」以「住房當地貨幣」匯款。
  • 在有些國家用PayPal收款是不用手續費的。但在決定前,請仍然務必檢視https://www.paypal.com/ ,了解PayPal如何向客人收取費用。有四項非常重要的重點要確認:A銷售費;B提領費;C貨幣轉換費;D如何在你的國家將PayPal帳戶內的錢提領成現金。
  • 您必須自行上網查閱,因為不同的國家有不同的金融管制;而且不同的貨幣也有不同的收費標準,因此PayPal網頁會給不同語言及不同國家的使用者,查閱不同的規定及費用。
  • 如果會有手續費產生,而你不接受以PayPal方式取得押金,請務必在「選擇住房的時候」,就選擇押金可以退現金的房東,避免未來的糾紛。
  • 不是全部,但大部份大型的房東或代理人,在房客退房後,需要幾天進行記帳或會計作業。即使押金是退現金。這表示你並無法在退房當天拿到押金現金。如果你退房後會馬上回國,請列入考慮。



  1. 國際匯款流程很難完整理解。繼續將本文讀下去,當你覺得讀起來難以理解的時候,不必擔心,這是正常的。另一方面來說,當有任何問題發生的時候,我們也很難讓房客完整理解到底發生什麼事。
  2. 銀行對於文件及紀錄非常挑剔。因此,客人必須注意每個空格、每個標點符號、每個中間名,都必須符合官方文件。一些你漏了或是寫錯任何字,都不是小問題,銀行需要跑一遍標準驗證程序。這個驗證程序可能會需要雙方驗證而且需要幾周的時間。
  3. 國際匯款非常傳統,牽涉及很多人工及書面作業。任何流程中的人工作業中的人都可能會犯錯,一旦有任何錯誤,就要跑耗時且麻煩的驗證流程。
  4. 令人驚訝的是,國際匯款沒有人們想像中的穩定。國際匯款是傳統的方式,也表示他們的電腦系統很老舊。有時候,我們就是不知道問題出在哪。比如說,我們無法接收到房客的匯款,但房客有收據證明已確實匯款。經過幾周的查詢後,我方銀行終於發現是匯款過程銀行系統出問題,紀錄沒有傳送成功。
  5. 每一年,居次元幫忙30多國的人在日本及台灣租房子。有些情況在你的國家或許不會發生,但在別的國家卻會。因此,你或許可以想像我們會遇到多少問題。
  6. 進一步說,每個國際匯款都牽涉到三個角色:你的銀行、我們的銀行、以及中轉行。每一個銀行都有自己的程序,也都會犯自己的錯誤。
  7. 問題可能發生在付給我們的匯款,也可能發生在付給房客的押金匯款。
  8. 這裡有個真正的麻煩製造者:中轉行。每一個國際匯款牽涉到你的銀行、我們的銀行以及中轉行,每個銀行收取他們的費用。然而,每個國際匯款的中轉行可能都不一樣,有時候還不只一間中轉行,造成人們非常難預估中轉行費用會是多少。問題在於中轉行對於付款人及收款人是隱藏的,沒有任何一方可以和中轉行要收據證明花費。
  9. 也由於有以上的議題,我們非常不建議房客自行向房東國際匯款。不像學校及公司行號,租屋被視為是非常在地的服務。你無法期待房東或房屋仲介有國際部門專門專理國際事務。因此,國際直接向房東匯款非常容易引發非常難以解決的問題。而且,我們沒有房東的金流處理權限,也無法協助處理。


  1. 重要的理由是信用卡及Payapl支付,在過去數年,從來沒有造成我們任何問題。
  2. 國際上說,信用卡或是PayPal付款有可能比銀行國際匯款便宜。PayPal依據不同金額、不同貨幣及不同國家有不同的費用。而銀行國際匯款有你的銀行、我們的銀行以及中轉行。每個銀行都會收取他們自己的費用,有時候中轉行不只一間。
  3. PayPal提供消費者保護、即使付款、完整數位紀錄、取消付款、申訴中心以及很多現代化的功能。




押金是保證契約履行的擔保金。居次元在收到房客的押金之後,會將它轉交給房東。而房東在退房時,或是退房後會將押金退還給房客。 在不同的國家,有時稱為保證金、擔保金、履約金等。押金的目的是擔保未來潛在的違約責任或損害賠償,因此,押金並不是租金的一部份。


居次元是專業的租屋公司,並且幫助房客找到理想房屋居住。 我們大量與同業合作,依照房客需求及預算範圍內,尋找具備任何設備、任何契約條件、的任何房型的房屋。即使你想住的是旅館的長租方案,我們也會幫忙找給你。 因此,請在網頁上的申請表中,直接告知我們你期待什麼,我們在與您聯絡前,會閱讀申請表並擬定租房計劃,再和您聯絡。 We help to find any type of house with any type of equipment for any period of time on tenants' demand with a reasonable budget. Even you need a hotel to stay for months, we can find it for you. J Therefore, please just let us know what you expect in the applicaiton we put on our website. We will read it and make a plan before contacting you.



  1. 我們是台灣合法登記營業的租賃住宅服務業者。可以上內政部租賃住宅服務業資訊系統,輸入居次元的完整名稱「居次元租賃住宅服務有限公司」或統一編號「82786719」,就可以查詢到我們的登記資訊。
  2. 國際匯款我們只用PayPal,而PayPal有國際消費者保護制度。一旦您感覺這是租屋詐瑳欺,可以向PayPal申訴並尋找公平的保障。


初期費用就是第一次租房時的費用,「至少」包含押金以及第一個月的房租。 為什麼說「至少」呢? 不同國家、不同區域、不同社區、不同房型、不同房東、不同管理公司、租期長短都可能產生除了押金以及第一個月的房租之外的費用。比如說入館費、仲介費、清潔費、預收水電費、垃圾清運費、社區管理費、管理公司管理費、房屋保險費、鑰匙交換費、保證公司保證費、生活服務費等等的費用。 有些地方的某些初期費用,可能是法律規定或是地方習慣,但由於房客並不是當地人,無法理解就會造成爭議。居次元會協助您在簽約前事先了解這些費用。